Visa Debit Card Advantages

Published: 04th April 2009
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If this year you are looking to change your habits and avoid shopping sprees fuelled by a credit card you can't afford to pay off then you may be looking for other spending options. An alternative to the credit card is a debit card such as Visa debit which avoids interest charges by using money from your bank account.

Many people are opting to use a Visa Debit card as a convenient way to pay for purchases without paying interest fees on regular credit cards. The Visa Debit card works in much the same way as a normal Visa Card but has some advantages that the credit card does not. Although many credit cards offer rewards and incentive programs, the Visa Debit card provides direct access to the funds you have set aside just for purchasing purposes.

As well as keeping your spending in control by limiting you to what you can afford, Visa Debit can also be used for retail transactions over the phone and across the world. The card is much more secure than carrying a thick wallet full of cash around with you and offers protection against fraud and theft. It can be used as a regular debit card with your PIN or can also be used as credit in which you sign for purchases. In terms of functions and security then it is similar to a credit card but has the ease of use of a debit card.

Many banks promote the added purchase protection and security of Visa when using the CR option on the payment terminal instead of SAV or CHQ. These cards offer a specified number of free transactions per month. However, exceeding this limit could cost you in transaction fees. With the Visa Debit card becoming so widely used, this system result in changes following recent reforms introduced by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Although EFTPOS is widely accepted in Australia, it is not accepted throughout the world. This makes the Visa Debit card superior to EFTPOS because it is accepted at millions of locations throughout the world. EFTPOS has failed to keep up with consumer demands and does not allow merchants to accept EFTPOS cards online.

The primary interest of Visa Debit card users is that it is accepted world wide and can be used to make purchases through the Internet and at millions of locations. It is used with the Credit selection instead of cheque or savings. This is because it is processed by the Visa network rather than a local debit card network.

Visa not only offers a Debit card that is pre-paid, but you can also get a Visa Debit that is attached to your bank account and comes directly out of that account. This gives you more versatility when paying for purchases but can leave you spending more than you would with a pre-paid Visa Debit card. The choice is yours, pre-paid Visa Debit or one that is attached to your bank account. Either way, Visa Debit is quickly becoming the premiere debit card to use.


Richard Greenwood heads up the team at which compare banks in Australia including Visa Debit cards such as those from ANZ, St.George, NAB and other big banks.

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